I'm very sad.One of my cats,Lizi died yesterday.She was such a nice and sweet and friendly animal.It's unbelieveable how much we can love a little creature.I love my other cats,but she was especially close to my heart.
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NCIS fanfiction

Author: ditte3
Rating: G
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing: hints of Michael/Ziva,Tiva and Zibbs
Summary: Ziva's thoughts on the way to the airport of Tel_Aviv. It was said in episode Aliyah that she must       finish what Michael started. It must be something dangerous which she doesn't want her NCIS team members to be involved in.
Spoilers: Aliyah
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Summary:Ziva's hopes.

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Hope. When everything is lost, the last thing that remains is hope. Ziva knew what it was like. She had a troubled childhood after losing her mother and her sister Tali, who was so young.
She fought for the deffence of her home. Patriotism has been a reality for the people of Israel. There is a hope in their hearts that there comes a time when this tiny land they call home becomes the peaceful Promise Land it should be.
Ziva's got  hopes of her own life.
She's a soldier, a fighter, yet being a woman she hopes like every woman ,that one day she finds happiness by the side of a man, who's her soulmate, have children and have a life.
It seems so unlikely.Maybe such a life wasn't meant for her. Yet - like Abraham long ago,who without reason for hope, in faith went on hoping - Ziva hoped that the day would come in her life when her hope becomes real.

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Title: Cerulean
Summary:Ziva's thoughts about a souvenir,a blue gem


Ziva kept a small cerulean gem, a "pebble" amongst her things. It was a souvenir. She got it as a young child, when she spent her summers in Haifa. She loved being there. It was like the symbol of freedom and like Parasise to her. When she grew older and the innocence of childhood had flown away,she longed to be there.
She missed the summer sky of Haifa. Whenever she looked at the aquamarine, it reminded her of the sunny warm blue.

She brought it with her while traveling the world, as well as when coming to Amerika. She had a life here. A good life. Yet sometimes being homesick, she looked at the bright blue gem and it made her smile.

Now that Ziva has been sent back to Israel, her home, she felt she must visit Haifa. She missed it: the joy, the sun, the blueness of the sky. Going to the sea shore, she sat down looking at the sparkling water mirroring the firmament. She glanced at the little souvenir in her palm. Yes it was the same warm colour she longed to see.
Though she felt happy, she still missed this sunny cerulean shade.
Not the summer sky of Haifa, but a pair of bright blue eyes.
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Summary:Ziva's thoughts in the end of 'Dagger'


Where's Michy?- Amanda asked.

Ziva saw Gibbs taking her hand giving her Agent Lee's badge. 
She was sure he could deal with the child and give her comfort.It was as if he'd seen his own daughter in all the children he met.
She admired him for that.Beneath the cool surface he had a good heart.She new Gibbs as she new herself. 
Ziva glanced at Tony and it was as if she'd looked into a mirror:she saw the same sad expression on his face as on her own.
The death of Michelle Lee shocked the whole team.
It seems you can never get used to death.
Not even as a soldier.
Ziva could understand what Michelle was going through(If no-one else but she could),nevertheless she'd done horrible things.
'She had no choice'.She might have had a choice,but it's never easy when your family is involved.

She looked at Gibbs and Amanda again and her heart went out for the little girl.
She could almost sense her feelings,the loss of her loved one,being so alone in the world.
Tears came into her eyes.She hurried out not wanting anyone see her like this.
She cried for the girl and at the same time she cried unshed tears of the past.
She cried for herself.